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SAMSUNG 933BW, thinking about buying

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I really want a third 19", 1440x900 monitor (I already have 2 Viewsonic VA1912wb's), and for the price on the egg, the SAMSUNG 933BW seems like the best bang for the buck at $130 after MIR. my next choice is the Hanns·G HB-191DPB or the Hanns·G HW-191DPB (cant really tell a huge difference between the two) for $120. I know samsungs are supposed to be really good monitors, but I just wanted to double check here to see if anybody has any experience with this model/line of monitors. thanks for any info/comments
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the hanns g is alright, the 191 is better, more colors (16.7mil vs 16.2) and 800:1 vs 700:1. But if you actually dont mind doing rebates, well, samsung ftw!
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