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Samsung LS22E310H vs BenQ GW2265?

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So I just finished my build and was looking out to buy a decent priced monitor while I get my hands on the BenQ XL monitors and I mainly came across these two with great reviews.

Samsung LS22E310H:


BenQ GW2265:

The second link from the BenQ is because I noticed that that BenQ and the BenQ from amazon are different (the amazon one has integrated speakers and HDMI port) and since I need to buy my monitor in Mexico (currently living there), I am stuck with that BenQ choice.

The downfall that I noticed from BenQ GW2265 was the response time of 6ms and no HDMI port (only VGA). While Samsung had 5ms and had HDMI port.

However, I'm wondering about which brand would be a more solid choice to go for. Which one has good viewing angles and would last more? Clear image or same?

Computer build:

Please, any information I can take to lead me to a choice would be helpful!

Thank you very much