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Samsung or LG

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Hi, I'm looking to get a 17 in. LCD for mostly gaming and a little bit of homework (programming, word processing). Just looking to get people's opinions on these 2 monitors:

LG Flatron L1780Q:
Samsung Syncmaster 740B:

Both seem to pretty much have the same stats. Anyone have any recomendations?

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Originally Posted by laboitenoire

Get the one that supports DVI. Your eyes will thank you later.

Go with the Samsung, LG monitor's color dosn't look as good as the Samsungs in my own personal side by side obervations. Also, you do NOT want to run an LCD monitor through an analog VGA port, it ghosts like mad, and looks like ****. Monitors running through a digital DVI plug will be more responsive, sharper and have better color and contrast.
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