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Hey guys. I'm really passionate about my phone and I've been collection information over on XDA. Because Of the work I'm putting into my portal, I wanted to duplicate and add to it here so I could add to the community and hopefully "get the word out" about such an awesome QWERTY phone. We've got CWM, CM9[Alpha], and CM10.1 is working but not yet released.

I'll be linking primarily to XDA now until I can recreate my How-To guides and other information in this thread. Mods, please let me know if this isn't kosher. I couldn't figure out which mod I need to contact to ask about it.

I'm going to start collecting the various little tid-bits of information that we have scattered across the threads here to hopefully compensate without having a dedicated forum. Eventually I'll add some other guides and such from personal experience, if you know of any Relay related threads or other information located on the interwebs, please drop a link here!

Standard Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what you do to your phone. The information contained in this thread is here to help you do [anything] correctly. If you follow the instructions listed there-in you will be fine, and ask questions if you don't understand something. I am not responsible for what you do with and/or to your phone. If you are unsure about a procedure's outcome, do not proceed with the procedure.
How to Get Into Download Mode:
1. Hold Power, Vol Down, and Home button simultaneously
2. When "Samsung" appears on the screen let go of the power button but keep the other two pressed down
3. Voila!

[CM9][ALPHA]Galaxy S Relay 4G [12/8]
(Use the updated link below instead.) Stock + Odin Flash (+ Rooted System Img File)(Simplified Instructions)
Updated Stock ROM (Has LH1 flash-able via ODIN) Post + tested Tethering Fix(1)
How I reverted my phone to stock + root.


[root]\{cm9} samsung galaxy relay 4g (updated 11/19)

General Discussion:

Galaxy S Relay 4G Development Thread

Miscellaneous Information:

Keyboard Customization:
Dillalade's Explanation on How To Set Custom Key Mapping(1)
jarrodlombardo's Key Mapping (Follow Dillalades's guide first)
orange808's Key Mapping

Unsorted, Need to Organize and Determine Relevance (If still applicable or OLD information) or Flesh out supporting information:

nopty's Hiemdal Method (Need to use Heimdal 1.41RC1 or Higher from This Post) (gee ones building heimdal for ubuntu 12.04)
AndriodForums Relay Forum
Sim Unlocking (Need to Verify - Unknown Method) (Sorta Verified)
Nardholio's Links to Create an Odin Flashable Image
NV Dump Backup (Important in case of corrupted IMEI)
Nardholio's Flash Counter Information
gee one dive's into nard's stock rooted img in response to Qualcomm secure boot
nopty's CWM recovery post (10-11-201) Odin Flashable of nopty's CWM Recovery
kornyone's introduction
How to change/remove startup/shutdown sounds
dillalade has issue with 64gb card w/ resolution to issue
fantomex's Andriod WPA2 PSK Authentication issue and resolution
Skinomi Skins for the Relay
gee one fixes his bootloop
gee one's list of bloatware Bloatware gee one was able to remove
Sim Unlocking for those who purchased Retail (no contract)
dillalade's guide to getting Google Now to work on the stock ICS Rom
Nardholio's Untested Tethering Fix
T-mobiles KIES LH1 Update Support Page
gee one investigates the efs partition on the relay Nardholio's response
CWM-Only Flash-able LJ1 Modem
Some changes from stock LH1 to LJ1
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