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samsung sfm 3200lw, external monitor

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hi, okay so I have this samsung sfm 3200lw. I have found that the monitor doesnt work... so how do I make it switch to an external monitor? I plugged one in and it wortks until it boots up windows and then it seems to go blank (maybe it switches back to the internal?) either way how do I get it to go back to the external one? Also when you press any of the keys on the keyboard when it's loaded into windows it makes a BIOS beep. however it does not do this if you press the FN + another key. is this just because there is no screen output?

there is a key whioch when combined with the FN key you should be able to switch between LCD/CRT? does this m,ean internal/external? if so it doesnt seem to do anything?

and reps for help.
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