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Samsung "Show" Video Review (Projector Phone)

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I WANT ONE!!!!! that is amazing!
Ya, it is pretty cool. For the first commercial rendition of the technology I was very impressed. I know this was being worked on for a while, but they just finished the stand alone projector not long ago. I think this more shows how small the phone technology really is these days. The phone is only available in Asia though right now (like most new cell phone tech). In two years it will probably be standard on most phones.
ya I know huh. set that on a table and watch away. it's really amazing to think about it. and after he turned lights out. it looked great. even driving in a car for road trip. hit the seat in front of you.. small screen would look even better.. but we didn't actually see it projecting onto the wall. that could have been anything. but I believed it. lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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