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Samsung T260 - The Unboxing

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Look what I got on the Fiancee's Best Buy discount...

The sheer size of this thing is amazing! Its so sleek looking too..

Almost don't have room for it on the desk!


Now it is time to game!
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Originally Posted by K3VL4R View Post
If you ordered a T240 you got a really good deal because they gave you a T260

I was super tired when I finally got home and got it all set up. I did in fact buy a T260.


Originally Posted by H3||scr3am View Post
yeah box says T260...
is that a new bike I see, looks like it still has the price tag on it

It is, the little guy just turned 6, so I got him his first bike for his birthday. We still need to take it out and crash it a couple times.


Originally Posted by Zeag View Post
I hope you meant T260. Otherwise I understand you think its large for a 24", because it ain't

I'm personally waiting to be able to afford a T240HD for some 1080p goodness
Great monitors.
That they are, this one is even sexier than the 22" Samsung that I had before it.


Originally Posted by Thai View Post
Can you tell me if it's VESA mountable? Seems to me the new Samsungs no longer have it.

It is not Vesa compliant, but I do believe that there are a few places out there selling a special mounting bracket for the T240/260s.


Originally Posted by coonsaa View Post
How much was the discount? And what was the total cost? Should I get a job at best buy lol?
I got the monitor for $378.72, which did not seem bad to me considering that I got it right away and did not have to pay shipping. Best Buy would be a decent job to have for a few hours a week just to get discounts on stuff, their discount is pretty good.


Originally Posted by Thai View Post
Also, how is the viewing angle? I've read reviews that it's next to nonexistent. :S
It is amazing. The only time I have any issue with it at all is if I am standing right up against my computer desk, standing straight up. I am over 6 feet tall, so when looking straight down on it, there is a slight issue with it, but that does not really make a difference I don't think, and its not even that bad.

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Originally Posted by Mootsfox View Post
Hey, there's a valid $30 MIR too, be sure to use that.


(I also edited the title for you)

@Thai, nope, no VESA mount. That's what pushed me away from it

I appreciate the attempt to help a brotha out, but it says on the form:

Valid everywhere in the US EXCEPT:

Best Buy,
Circuit City,
Fry's Electronics,
Office Depot,
Office Max,
Micro Center,
and Dell, www.dell.com

Unfortunately, I did buy it at Best Buy, so no go. But big REP for giving it your best shot to help someone save!
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