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Which one should I buy

  • ASUS VW246H

    Votes: 10 55.6%
  • Samsung XL2370

    Votes: 8 44.4%

Samsung XL2370 vs. ASUS VW246H

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It has come down between these two. I am going to buy them in store so they are basically the same price.

Most votes gets bought. That simple.



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wow i don't know why people wants asus when samsung is so much better. my friend got two of them in dual screen couple month ago and they already reeks dead/stuck pixels. asus might be good at motherboards and video cards but they are not serious contenders when it comes to premium display. besides the samsung xl2370 is LED Backlight. meaning much more crisp picture than the old traditional flourescent lights
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I agree with kckyle. I've seen both in person at Best Buy and XL2370 has a much better contrast, light evenness and sharpness. There's a reason LED backlit monitors cost more.
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If you want the BEST get the Samsung XL2370 no comparision IMO!
might have a hard time finding one
i know i did!
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IMO its tough to look at monitors side by side at my local best buy cause you never know what ****** set them up and most monitors need some fine tuning to really shine. I have a Samsung 226bw 22" running at 1680x1050 and I've yet to see any of my buddies monitors even compare to mine picture quality wise at the same resolution. I'm sold on Samsung's
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OK ordered the xl2370. Its still back ordered should be here in a week or two (so they say).

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