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San Ace Fans from Ebay. Are they legit?

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Hey WCers, I am in the market for a couple rad fans and I found this listing on Ebay. Do you think it is legit? I just thought it was weird they had more than 10 in stock, but every e-tailer I checked was Out of Stock.

On a side note, if anyone knows anyone selling 2 San Ace fans, tell me please
I've already bought 2 from Hard and 2 from Tech power up. So if you find those listings, they are gone.

EDIT: Found some on SVC but they are the newer 9G models and I already have four 109R models.
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I don't think you'll regret it - he's got a high enough merchant rating, he wants you to use Paypal, he's got a 7 day return policy, and the town he claims to be from actually exists.

Worst case scenario, most of the fans are in a non-working condition, and you request a refund as that wasn't what was listed for sale (listed as "Used" in Ebay has very specific connotations). Even if he suddenly disappears, Ebay / Paypal will cover you (actually had this happen to me and about 30 other people once - merchant just flat out disappeared, canceled his account, and ran. Got all my money back through Ebay.)

So... if it fills a need, then why not?
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