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Sapphire 4830 @ $75 AR again

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The same price I paid for mine a month ago.

If you can wait, Ati has new stuff out in April. Until then, this is just great bang-per-buck.

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Yea the deal was better last week on the MSI HD 4830. It was going for $75 shipped after a $15 MIR AND included a free copy of R6 Vegas 2 AND had some pretty good combo deals.

Anyone considering dual HD 4830's though, it's complete win
Prices are still very good and will only get better. Even with my stock system (which I'm still trying to find time to overclock) plays all games maxed out, even Crysis. Although, with AA cranked and everything on very high, Crysis does slow down a bit. But that will be fixed with an overclock on the CPU and vid cards.
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Again at $75 AR + FS
Updated first post, too lazy to make a new thread


edit: and of course when I check again, FS disappears..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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