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Sapphire 4870 1GB

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I have two of these id like to sell.How much could i get for the pair or for each one?Thanks for the input.
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$140-$160 is how much they're selling for brand new. $100-$120 would be more reasonable.
$90 each and $175 for the pair, shipped.
I wouldn't pay more than $75-$100

I'd shoot for $170/180 for the pair, ebay would probably be a good bet for high returns
$90 shipped $170 shipped for both
110 shipped
$110 each is a pretty good deal, maybe $120.
$115 on OCN
$130ish on eBay

I have that exact card and was looking on ebay for it for crossfire, most go for $130. But after you pay fees and stuff, OCN gogogogo.
105 shipped, 155 for both.
But I have the same one so I don't really care!
Lovin the thing too!
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Used 4870's are hard to come buy now'a days for some reason. I'd say $120 and settle for a $115 offer.
$100 - $110 each
think 5770 open box price
I just payed 115 Shipped for mine, but mine cooler. SO i would have to say 90-100 would be your best bet! With the 4890 out and i can get one for 130-150 shipped ... it is hard to have anyone pay anything over 120 for a 4870 1gb :X!

Best of luck man!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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