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Sapphire 6870 Stuck at 300MHz! Google Chrome & Youtube can slow down your card!

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I just cleaned out all my drivers by doing programs uninstall via control panel then safe mode driver sweeper.
Installed 11.6.

Now I have 100% usage and it stays at 300MHz always.

Any idea?
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Originally Posted by wumpus
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uninstall GPU via device manager and reboot......then install drivers.

job done? I think so.

I'll try.

Edit - Worked great.
Only thing is it installed from windows update when I uninstalled the checked for hardware changes, and I wanted it installed from the package itself.

My guess is uninstall it again, unplug Ethernet then install just the gpu driver via ATI install package.

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Wait a minutes.
That wasn't the problem.

I've been testing and when I have Google Chrome open it stays at 300MHz, but if I close Google Chrome it goes to my OC of 1000MHz.

EDIT - I had a youtube video paused and that 2d content seemed to keep my clock at 300MHz.

I hope they find a way to fix this cause I like to keep my browser open.

I haven't tried any other browsers.
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