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My 7770 oc edition wont let my pc to start when 6-pin power cable plugged on.
http://www.sapphiretech.com/productd...nload&lang=engand the system wont start,I'm using a 430w psu at this moment,I know there is a little bit of undervoltage but I don't push the gpu with extreme games e.t.c.
I tried my 7770 to another pc system (550w psu) and i have the same symptoms.
My old PCIe powered gpu works fine on the actual system.
I've been using the 7770 on the specific system about 6 months for light gaming without any problems before.I do not have visual markings, burning board or damaged capacitors or mosfet's and this was the point I started taking measuremets on capasitors, mosfets e.t.c
Coming up to a similar situation to mine on this forum was the reason of starting taking measurements on some components on my board.
I've been measuring with polymeter on 200 except of 3 times I set it on 20k.
Can someone help me find the bad mosfet(I think ) or any other problematic component on my gpu?
Sorry for my poor english. If you consider helping please use simpler English.
I appreciate taking your time to read this and I'm looking forward to your replies.

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