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Sapphire RADEON X800GTO AGP 256MB

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hi , im newbie here, i have a question, how i can overclock my video card Sapphire RADEON X800GTO AGP 256MB, i need guides and reviews, i read that this card cant be unlock 4 extra pipelines... its true? , and what i can do for overclock it?

another question, what ati silencer i can buy for this card? ( i dont see any for gtos)

thanks guys!

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I flashed the BIOS on X800GTO AGP and i have all 16 pippelines.
Pippelines are butt defective.Have you a card X800GTO AGP with original
BIOS?Can you help me?I need your BIOS.I will see you when you help me.
When you help me,i will see you how you can flash your card.When i
will be you,i didn´t do it.I very please you!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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