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[Sapphire] Shattered Horizon Free!

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Only available to sapphire card holders! Make sure you have an account and then register your card to get the needed Gold account status and go claim your free game!

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Sweet thanks a lot, just got my copy, bear in mind there is only 100 copies total according to the site.


Get one of 100 FREE copies of Futuremark's Shattered Horizon™!
Shattered Horizon is a multiplayer first-person shooter game with unique freedom of movement and realistic zero-gravity combat. There's a lot of praise for Shattered Horizon out there and when you get it, you'll know why. Be prepared for a little quality time with your PC when you start playing!

Thanks heaps Sickened

Grabbed a copy of Shattered Horizons as well as one of the copies of BumpTop Pro.

Edit: Good to see someone at Sapphire has a sense of humour


Once you register your product, you must log out of our web site. Once you log back in, you will automatically be recognized as a Gold member and can access the promotions on this page. Then you can say nah-nee-nah-nee boo-boo to your plebeian friends.

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Just snagged mine thanks for the heads up ^_^ only 100 copies available :p
Done and done. Rep to you, friend
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Indeed, epic find! Thanks OP.
Nice, I missed the last one. Thanks... +

Originally Posted by NCspecV81 View Post
Nice I got 2. working on 3!
Now don't hog em up, they only giving out 100 copies. Unless you plan on giving away as freebies go right ahead.
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Dammit. I HAD a Sapphire card... oh well.
93% 100% downloaded, will be playing shortly hopefully. 1.3Mbps from steam servers, nice.
680Mb download BTW guys.
I already have this game but now I have half a handful of these keys. I might give them away to some friends.
Awesome! Got my copy. Free games are always awesome.

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stupid sapphire card hurry and come to my doorstep! T_T
Anybody else having problems getting disconnected for High ping? The only server with players has a ping of 256

My ping results:
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I got 4 keys for anyone who doesn't get it let me know.

Originally Posted by NCspecV81 View Post
I got 3 and working on 4 now! =o)~
Do you think I could have one? Been trying to get Shattered Horizon since the beta
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