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SATA 3 GB support

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Ok kind of a stupid question but,does my MoBo support SATA 3Gb in raid 0?

Heres what I'm looking at.
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Originally Posted by ItsLasher

This is sad I posted this same question on DFI-Street( Whet with the maker first)and 2 and a half hours later no replies and only 6 views.

I posted here(should have in the first place) and 4 min. later replies and 30+ views.
JUST goes to show it doesn't get any better than Overclock.net.

Thanks DataX.........Reps!

I am probably telling you things you already know, chances are (like my wd sata 2/300) you will be able to change a jumper to go to 150 compatibility mode if you need to, not that sata2 would make a large difference in a single setup..
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