As much as we might like to hope otherwise, computers and their accessories need to be replaced or upgraded from time to time…often without any notice. When you need to make a new purchase but you don’t want to check out prices and availability at handful of different retailers, eBay can help.

eBay offers an unmatched selection of computers, accessories, and a whole lot more – all in one place. This means you can compare prices, warranties and compatible products with ease.

While we can’t possibly cover everything eBay has to offer in one article, we will try to highlight some key segments eBay has covered for anybody shopping for computers or computer accessories.

Desktop Computers

Are you looking at building up a new desktop computer? eBay has a massive selection of Apple desktops and PC desktops to choose from. On the Apple side, you’ll find everything from iMac with Retina Display to Mac Mini to PowerMac and everything in between. As for PC, every major (and not-so-major) brand is available. Some at incredible discounts.

Laptop Computers

eBay’s selection of laptop computers and netbooks is equally impressive. For Apple, you can find plenty of options for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and MacBook. On the PC side, you can choose from laptops by Dell, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Microsoft, and most any other reputable brand.

PC Gaming

If you are into PC gaming, eBay is here to help. You can grab the latest and greatest gaming desktops and laptops so you never slow down. But you can also find gaming monitors, keyboards, mice, headsets, and so much more.


While it’s not exactly computer-related, if you want to upgrade your home entertainment setup, eBay has a jaw-dropping selection of brand new televisions available. While the exact models will change depending on availability, we did some searching and found TVs from all the top brands, including Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp, and more. And you can find televisions at virtually any size. We found some with screen sizes surpassing 100 inches. In other words, eBay has something to fit your space and your budget.


There’s more than one way to watch your favorite movie or show, so in addition to televisions eBay also offers an unparalleled selection of projectors.

With projectors available from over 20 brands, there is a lot to choose from. Fortunately, you can organize your search by native resolution and/or image brightness. eBay also highlights available deals. In fact, during our searches, we found some deals for more than 60% off MSRP, so you can find what you need at a price you can afford.

Sound Systems

A great video experience isn’t complete without an amazing sound system to match. For a truly immersive experience, you can peruse the selection of home theater speaker systems. Or if you prefer to build your own sound system, you can shop for individual speakers and subwoofers as well.