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Scanner Question!!!!

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Hey guys, im gonna be fixin my friends mom's computer tomorrow, and she has a scanner and she wants me to show her how to scan documents so they are fully editable on like word or excel and ****, she said its s bill she wants to scan, how do i make it so you can like fill in the stuff on it, or delete some text and add to it and what not, any ideas??? help is appreciated!!!
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My scanner came with this software called ReadIris. Unfortunately, this software is not free. If you have a HP scanner, the software might be included.
You want an OCR (optical character recognition) application. I think most scanners come with one. I used to use Text Bridge and another I forgot the name of.
Check the scanner's bundled stuff first and see if it came with an OCR app. If not, you can look into commercial products like ABBYY Finereader and Omnipage. There are free/open-source OCR tools out there, but quite frankly they're no match for their paid counterparts.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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