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The new rig has the following

sabertooth x77
gtx 570 classified
16 gb ddr 1600 ram
m4 ssd
H70 cooler
Seasonic psu 750 watt

the computer will be in the closet with an open door so it will have some air but not too much

i want to overclock it once and forget about it i am not going for the biggest number i just want a performance gain and leave it at that

computer might be on all night

should i overclock the videocard also?

how should i do the overclock for the cpu? in bios?

also what are crutual temps? that i should be avoiding?

thanks guys

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Check out and read up on the basics of overclocking here

I don't think the 2700k has its own guide but I may be mistaken. Do not quote me on this but I believe you should be able to follow the 2600k guide. There is only 100MHz difference between the two and are supposedly much better overclockers.

I would say that 70 degrees (celcius) is the max you want your computer running at.

Cooling is always an important aspect of overclocking, the cooler your rig is, theoretically the higher you can oc (voltages aside). You may also want to see what the max voltage you want on your MB. Anything too high and it could all go poof.

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As for a simple overclock just use the boards Auto Tune feature, it will go through and do a minor overclock and you should be O.K. I have seen clocks as much as 1ghz out of the auto feature that showed stable and within normal temperatures in the past.

Though even doing that I highly recommend that you check up the basics of overclocking so you have an idea of what that feature is doing and can tweak it yourself if you need to.
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