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So I've been working on a little project (well you could call it little, but its pretty huge

Some background, I have a server rack in my spare room, with a Synology NAS rack mount, and a Gaming PC, with a monitor on top of it.
Now this is OK, but sitting and using a rack as my desk is rubbish so I need a solution.
Also the missus wants the rack out of there, so we can start re-using the spare room

My friend is a carpenter, so I will be taking advantage of that in this build...

First things first, designing a desk to fit both a server and a desktop.
The server will be rebuilt and using FreeNAS, and then my gaming machine will be a nice new build.
Current Gaming PC Hardware:
Configuration :
CPU: Intel Core i7 6700k Skylake (Delidded)
Motherboard: Asus ROG VIII Hero
GPU: 2x NVIDIA Titan X
SSD Boot: Samsung 256gb 850 Pro
SSD Gaming Drive: Samsung 1tb 850 EVO
RAM: Corsair 16GB DDR4 Dominator Platinum 3300
PSU: Corsair AX1200
Fan Controller: Lamptron CW611
Monitor: Asus ROG Swift PG278Q

CPU: Intel Core i5 4670t Haswell
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z87
HDD RAID: 5x WD Red 3tb
RAM: Corsair 16GB DDR3 Arctic White Vengeance
PSU: Seasonic Platinum Series 660w
UPS: APC SmartUPS 1500

Watercooling loop:
CPU Block: EK-Supremacy EVO Clean Nickel
Reservoir: 2x EK-RES X3 250 Reservoir
GPU WB: 2x EK-FC Titan X - Nickel
Pumps: EK D5 Vario Pump x2 with 2x EK-XTOP Plexi
Radiators 360: XSPC AX360 Triple Radiator
Radiators 480: XSPC AX480 Quad Radiator
Tubes: Will be making Acrylic Tubing
Fittings: Bitspower Deluxe White fittings

I will be running 3M carbon on the inside and having everything on top of it, eg Mobo.
I am also getting the mobo trays custom made out of perspex and then fitting using standoffs away from the desk.
I will be running LED's under the tray so you get a white glow from under the mobo's.
I will be using White and Blue Sleeving, as this will make a nice contrast to the black 3M Carbon.

The lid of the desk will be made out of toughened glass with a laminate top to stop scratches.
Some 98% completed pics:






For more completed pics please:

So 20/10/2015 I've done a whole refresh of just about everything

Basically what happened was my PSU died so at first I wasn't sure what it was.
I managed to get hold of some DDR4 from Corsair, and a new PSU.

So I decided to take the time to re-do some of the pipes and include a drainage port, as the one at the top was obviously too high up.

So got a new mobo (VIII Hero Z170) new cpu (i7 6700K) and new GPU's (2x Titan X's).

So its time to go to work and re-build!

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So Desk Design:

Some working shots, double checking the measurements and design in SketchUp

Vaneering the cuts to make it look good

Making the Curve

Handles for the draws arrived

Some 3M Carbon to put on the inside of the desk where the motherboards go

Port hole for cables going into the desk

Some Corsair Dominator Platinum 16gb ram I picked up early in a good deal

Lamptron Fan controller for mounting into the front of the desk

Some Enermax fans

SD Card reader and extra USB for front of desk

Something hidden inside a sexy velvet bag

New PSU as it was found cheaply during sales

So I have decided to detail some of the building work so far:
Started out with 2 sheets of wood, and 1 solid oak posts:
Meet Chris, my Carpenter friend...

Cutting out the different sections we needed:

A Pile of wood that will become something awesome:

Got wood?

Starting to iron on the sides so it looks pwetty:

Veneering 101:

Cutting out the curve:

Biscuit joints:


Some more:

How they slot together, just missing the leg here:

Plaining the legs:

Legs all cut and ready:

Making the curve, having to slice out so that it can bend on itself:

Curve glued together:

Curve held together for about 2 days:


Finally free and checking the fit:

Making the draws:

Some more draws:

Veneering the edges of draws:

Curve veneered and ready to go:

So pwetty:

Cant get enough:

Desk taken home to start being put together:

First stand before we realised we needed to change it:

Editing plans and cutting off the top:

Sad to see it go, but its for the best:

All cut up, and how it lies currently:

Hopefully will start work next week again

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Motherboard standoffs arrived.
These will hold the perspex motherboard tray off the bottom of the desk by 15mm.

And some silicon rubber washers for most if not all my screws.
Should help dampen some sound and provide some nice cushions

And some beautiful sleeving:

My first crimp ever!

Came out so much better than I ever thought it would.
Great tools make easy work

And ofc famous drawings...


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Something else awesome just turned up

So bit of an update...

Did some work yesterday afternoon.
Decided to take apart the radiators and spray the shells white.

So shells without the cores:

End bits sanded down:

Sanding away:

Ends and shells all sanded down.
Looks quite nice with the silver edges


Did a coat of primer, but it was very windy so had some bubbles and some thick bits. So decided to sand it down again.

Primer sprayed in garage = no wind!

Looking better:

Liking it in white!

Started to do some more work on the desk:

All standing:

Back is on, hiding the insides away:

Looks nice with the back on:

Inside lip cut down, and from the inside with the back on:

Cutting the draws down to fit the new design:

Showing what it looks like from under the floor looking up the desk's skirt.
Guess the back really does cover it nicely, you can just start to see the insides:

Back for where the UPS will be standing upright:

Back board joining onto desk:

Draws being fitted, checking size and spacing:

Back to do another coat of primer:

After its dried for awhile:

Looks really nice in white:


Some Moar:

Quite like it with the grainy look, of the black still slightly coming through:

Now, I just need to let the primer fully dry, and then I will spray it Matt White.

Did a stain on a cut off piece of wood to check it matches my TV Unit at home. (I can report it is almost a perfect match)


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Oh man do I have an update for you guys.
My mobo trays are finally cut and ready

I will get them within the next few days, but these are the pics from the creator

Also remember that Cube will be a server and a half height machine, and Ethos will be for my gaming so slightly larger to accommodate bigger that ATX size, eg the Rampage series of boards.
And lastly its just a test fitting with a dummy board.

*Warning, there are a lot of pics*



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So update today.
What we worked on yesterday.

Finishing off the filling and sanding making sure its beautiful

Staining started


Getting Draws all stained up.

This little bottle of stain goes so far!

Looking good!

Next we need to do a matt varnish to seal it in and add protection.
Then were pretty much done on the build side.

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Back to the back Rad, test fitting.

Slit is just right.

Little feet.


Counter sinking holes.

Looks good.

Testing with the full setup.

Getting ready for the Front bay things.

Holes all cut.

Testing fittings... Really snug.

With all 3.

Temp layout of components.

Does the PSU look ok at the back there?

Thats all for now.
Its coming along.

Next I can start making the power cables, and getting fittings with the real components.

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Fitted the mobo to the tray, and did some testing.
Just making sure it all fits fine with the actual hardware.

I/O Shield fitted.

Mobo fitted.


Testing the LED's under the tray.
Remember it will be lined below under the tray.
Also the LED's are not stuck down, so 1 or 2 of them twisted.
But you get the idea.

Daylight shot.

Nighttime shot.

Finished the 8pin CPU.

Thats all for now

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Sorry there hasnt been much of an update.
Life has been hectic!

But here is a small one from last night.

Sanding down the side, getting rid of the filler

Stained the Drive bay cover

Doing mounts for PSU


It actually hold the PSU in really well!


How it will look with the other PSU once I get it

Side is stained, but you can see the join unfortunately.
In person it doesn't look so bad

Screwed down the mounts for Mobo tray

With the tray

Then we had another issue to take care of, my Chair...
I needed to remove the arms, as they were not allowing the chair to slide under the desk fully.
So one would think it would be simple as removing a screw or bold.
But no... This one had an double lock mechanism.
So after some sweat and frustration the head got stripped.

Next thing... Drill it out, as I was over it!


Phew it came off!

After that it was finish fitting the middle rad

Had to counter sink the screws again

All fitted nicely

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After that we made some little risers for the Res so that they stay above the pumps

Then back to finishing off the staining


After the stain is dry its varnishing time

Even the little risers get the treatment

Last thing we did was to fit the handles for the draws:
Measuring out


All done

That's it for now...
Hopefully do a bit more here and there.

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Found a bit of time the other night.
Decided I would try laying the Vinyl...
Oh man it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Took about 3 and a half hours.

Prep, removing everything form the desk and making space

Rad mounts removed

Sanded down the desk, not much but just so its silky smooth

Put the vinyl over the desk just to make 100% sure its large enough

Did a quick cut out of the corner, thinking I can then just push it up and cut it closer after

Didn't go like I had imagined

Figured out another solution, make a template

Cutting out the vinyl... (In hindsight I should have made a template for the whole desk!)

Fits much better now

Laying it out

Going over the little back part

Not too bad, but unfortunately the wood had a cut mark, which shows in the photo.
It doesn't show in real life unless you look really hard

Carrying on, and going down

Finishing off the bottom section

Cut out for the middle Rad

With Rad cover fitted

And the mess that is perfection!

Next step is to run some black silicon around the edges to make it look finished around the edges, and to fix a few of my balls ups!

That's all for now

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So mate got back and so it was time to get back to the desk.

First things first, to clean up and do another silicone seal around the edges.

Man that Mobo tray needs a bit of a clean, sorry

All prepared!

Measured out to sink in the mobo standoffs

Down she goes!

You can see how deep we are sinking the server standoffs

Cut through the carbon OK

All cleaned and all 6 standoffs in

Tray fitting


You can see how close it measures up with the lid on

Silicone re-done

All done

PS. that back wall got another coat of stain last night.
To make it look more even, as it was a bit blotchy when we made the hole cut outs.

That's all for now.
Waiting for my other parts to come into stock!
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