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scratch marks on matte screen, what can i do?

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Ok so for a while i had a 23" Acer P235H and a 19" samsung monitors in dual mode. The walmart where i work was clearancing out their older electronics, including a 21.5" Acer P215H (same design as the 23" but with a matte screen instead of gloss). so i bought it to replace the 19". the monitor works great, seeing as it was never actually turned on at all before, however the security device that had been attached to the monitor left 4 little rub marks in the matte finish in the center of the screen. Do you guys know if there is anything i can do about them? I'm at work atm so i will try to post a pic when i get back home tonight......
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Try buying a good quality screen polish and make sure it's usuable ona flat screen monitor. You can't get rid of them but you can improve them to look less noticable. Adject screen brightness up or down. This may help.

I hope i have helped answer your question and i am sorry if i've misunderstood. Good Luck!

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