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Screen flickering....

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To begin with, the problem is in a different rig same build as sig rig but with a E8500 and a xfx 4870 xxx model. The drivers are the 9.11 from xfx.
I original had this card with 9.10 / 9.8 drivers? I can't remember what ones??
If memory serves me well i installed one of those drivers and gave it a 50/75mhz overclock and the flickering went away.

Now i have the 9.11 drivers CCC installed and gave it a 25mhz overclock and i'm still getting screen flicker. I tried the 9.10 drivers but kept getting corrupted so back to the 9.11 drivers. I don't remember having to make any other adjustments other than the small overclock and bumped up the fan speed.

Anyone have an idea of things to try....maybe finding 9.8 drivers? even though they won't install!

Edit: FIXED!!!
I disabled CCC and did my overclock with rivatuner and clocked it with 825mhz / 1000 memory fan speed 39%......and all is calm.
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9.11 causes system instability for me aswell as the 9.10's. I have to use the 9.9's
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Yea, I see that now but even when I was running 9.8 / 9.10 before the overclock it still was flickering. Has it got something to do with the card? or some settings i'm overlooking? I'm really noobish with VCards and still trying to understand them and their settings to get good clocks.
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