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screen wont turn on?!

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first off just a quick background.

My computer before this one trashed video cards left and right.
so i basically rebuilt it.

new mobo new cpu new fans

now my computer worked fine for a few days and all the sudden my screen isnt getting any signal and its shutting off after a boot.

The video card im using is tied directly to the board.

my power unit and my HD are both from the unit before this one.

I have a new HD with SATA control What do I need to turn this thing on?
SATA controller? and SATA power cable?

does it sound like my power unit is doing the baking and should I replace it?

And last did I trash my MOBO or just the video Card on the MOBO?
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WOW... that is a mess of stuff!
First of, what is teh 12V+ rating in "amperage" ... look on the PS sticker it may shoe something like 18a more or less!
When you have a bunch of problems that don't make sence I look at the PS first!
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