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screen wont turn on?!

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first off just a quick background.

My computer before this one trashed video cards left and right.
so i basically rebuilt it.

new mobo new cpu new fans

now my computer worked fine for a few days and all the sudden my screen isnt getting any signal and its shutting off after a boot.

The video card im using is tied directly to the board.

my power unit and my HD are both from the unit before this one.

I have a new HD with SATA control What do I need to turn this thing on?
SATA controller? and SATA power cable?

does it sound like my power unit is doing the baking and should I replace it?

And last did I trash my MOBO or just the video Card on the MOBO?
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well the power supply is an older model.

Im going to switch out the power supply first to see if that makes a difference.

My biggest concern is getting this thing up and running than I can put on a new video card.

Id rather not spend 400 bucks on a video card just to have it fry.

the only problem im experiencing is the video card keeps poping
IM really worried I might have fried my MOBO

and yes my MOBO is brand new only about 3 weeks old.

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forgot to mention

the computer worked fine untill I installed the Big Typhoon cooling fan

Now its busted
I treid taking the fan off and using the old one


anyone with similiar problems with this MOBO?

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when i took out the old cpu fan it must have messed up my pins
I spent three hours wit a freaking sodering tool and a magnifying glass straigtening pins to make the thing work again.

ohh but it works
screen comes on no problemo
Now that that works i need to install the next of a few more mods.

Once everything is in new and happy places
the case modding begins


P.S. Thermaltake big typhoon is the largest fan ever made by the hands of man.

also arctic silver 5 gets EVERYWHERE!
a lil dab will do ya
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