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Screwdriver slipped.... don't worry, I FIXED IT

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A couple weeks ago when I was doing my internal loop I had a little accident removing a backplate from the board..

Screwdriver slipped.

It hit 4 traces on the back of the board
3 remained in tact but not untouched, the fourth was dug right out of the board.

O well. Chock it up to an expensive lesson.

I finished my work and tested it... no post.

So I took a look at the back and noticed that all 4 damaged traces went to the center DIMM
Took out the center memory module and it worked!
I used it for a couple weeks like this, 4 gigs instead of 6 until today

Today I mustered up the courage to operate on my mobo.
I cleaned up the area well, got all my tools out.
I used a single strand of OFC copper wire for the task
Masked off the work area


I've been running Prime95 high memory usage for the last 40 minutes!

Finally I can do those -BIGADV folding tasks for some big points!

Thanks for looking

I sincerely apologize for the crap-tastic pictures. I got rid of my DSLR about a month ago. So this is just embarrassing. lol

So here are pretty pictures in it's former glory

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nice work man, and those pictures do look awesome... i love the sticker on the chasis btw. Haha great stuff.
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Nice, I believe the next step from here is to build your own motherboard from scratch!

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You kept your cool, you used your head, and you were courageous. +1
Thanks guys.
It wasn't as tough as I thought it would be.
I made sure my soldering iron was good and hot
scraped away the a bit of film off both ends of the severed trace and cleaned everything with 99.5% isopropol alcohol.
Then I taped off the other exposed, but in-tact traces.
Taped down the wire, and soldered one end.
and cut to size and soldered the other end then soldered in the valley created by the damage to make sure it would stay put.

When I was done with that, I put down a good coat of acrylic enamel to protect it and with a toothpick, covered the remaining exposed traces which is what you see as a black line in the finished picture.

Still running it. No problems. Lasted 1hr of LinX max memory testing and now I'm just watching some streaming netflix.

Also, got rid of the DSLR for WC gear + Cash
What can I say, I love working on my computer. I mmiss being able to take nice photos... this cell phone camera is a freakin disgrace!
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Glad to report I'm still up and running!

I've been folding -BIGADV on all 8 threads for the last 14 hours!
That's some impressive work. I would have been too nervous to do anything to the motherboard like that.
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