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Scythe Slip Stream question!!!

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Does anyone know if you get beside the fan one 3 pin adapter so you can connect them on the motherboard.

As i see here, is adapter useless because connector is the same like on the motherboard and not the right one as it should be.
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The fan already uses a 3-pin, what you're looking at is a molex adaptor.
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Oh, so it does come with molex so you can connect it on the power supply.Oh, that's ok then

Thanks, rep++
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He's right ^. What you're looking at is an adapter to run it from your power supply instead of the motherboard or fan controller. I have three of these, they come with the three pin plug on them.

Edit: guess I'm a little slow to the keys
Heh, i thought they included 2 which i don't need.

The fan comes with 3pin(motherboard) and adapter for power supply, and was worried that i can only connect them to the PS so it's ok now
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Originally Posted by Dotard
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(making about about exclusive language)


I need to learn English once for all.

sLOVEnia rulz

EDIT: I would say the same(wrong sentence), so i thought i had wrote that
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