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Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB

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Where is this special jumper to make sure it is on SATA-II? I cant seem to find it and theres no documentation. that review on newegg made me think while i was making my build.

Some guys review on newegg.
Pros: Love the drive so far BUT, remember to take off the jumper in the back if you want full SATA-II!!!! I didn't see this mentioned anywhere and since no docs come with it nothing was there to alert me. I was trying to figure out why it kept being detected as SATA-I until I read Seagate's docs and found the section about the jumper. Works like a charm now
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if its a sata 2 drive its running at sata 2 by default. There is only a jumper config to make it sata 1
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is there a way to verify that it is running at SATA II?
HDD Tach.
huh? under bios? damn im having another problem.. harddrive is registering as 127GB under SP1.. suppose to be 320GB how can i fix this?

Originally Posted by digitalh3lix View Post
huh? under bios? damn im having another problem.. harddrive is registering as 127GB under SP1.. suppose to be 320GB how can i fix this?
127GB is the max allowed by SP1. Update to SP2, which is free, and you will have all of your space. I would check the hard drive with some diagnostics utility like Everest.
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The drive by defualt is set to SATA 2. Or you can remove the jumper so it has no affect so then the Motherboard controller will govern the speeds.
You can use SP1 and have full capability of the amount of gigs you have.

thanks guys i have verified that it is running at SATA II
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if your still having the problem where windows sp1 is not reading all of your hd space, download this..


Reg48bitLBA for Windows XP SP1 and Windows 2000 SP3*
im reformatting rite now with sp2. i think it fixes it. if not ill repost again letting u guys know
at first i had problems because my sp1 is the only one that boots.. but i just realized that i had a copy of sp2 from school, a REAL copy. so yea doing a full reinstall.
SP1A works with 48-bit LBAs as well

I used HDDTach and the burst speed was only in the 120's MB/S. Either the 7200.10 doesn't have the cache bandwidth to dish out data at SATA 300 speeds or, the P5B has the SATA controller connected via PCI and not PCIe, or my drive is just running at SATA 150 speeds. No matter, SATA 150 (I) has more than enough bandwidth for a 7200.10.
i have sp2 on now, used everest to verify 3GB/s transfer rate. thanks. only con... this HD makes a lota noise when its transfering
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