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Which is Better

  • Seagate

    Votes: 15 21.4%
  • Western Digital

    Votes: 55 78.6%

Seagate vs Western Digital

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Which is better out of Seagate and Western Digital?
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I've had a fair number of both and Seagate has failed more times than WD.
I have both currently, and I have owned many in the past. Seagate hit a rough spot recently, but it seems to be kind of back on its feet. I would buy either if one was cheaper, but if they were the same price my gut would say WD.
the WD is only $3 more expensive so ill get that instead of the seagate
I like western digital because the seagate 7200.11 drives had problems, but I hear that the new 7200.12 drives are awesome. Just get a WD caviar black if you can.
Ya, WD blacks are awesome I just bought two 640 gb ones, cant wait to raid 0 these bad boys..
What defines "better", in this case?
I've had a couple Seagates fail, and only one Western Digital fail. Overall, I like the WD drives more.
Doesn't one own the other?

Western Digital hands down. I have yet to have a WD drive fail me. I RMA'd Seagate a hard drive and they gave me an even crappier one in return (7200.11). I think I'm about to RMA the RMA now...
Ive never had an issue with Seagate drives, but Im a Western Digital fan myself... and I will never buy a maxtor ever again. LOL...

I love the WD Black 640gb i got, great drive, quiet, and fast!
WD has generally been cheaper, and they produce great drives. But Seagate also produces quality drives. It really just comes down to the price.
I like Seagate TBH. Before the 7200.11 the Barracuda was nearly the fastest 7200 drive you could get. When the Perpendicular design came out it trumpt the competition for a while. I guess now it really doesn't matter. I have had both fail multiple times and never had any issues with RMAing. Get the one you like the best, just make sure to avoid the .11 series from Seagate due to firmware issues.
as mentioned get the wd black edition.
I go with whatever is better for the price. Yet, I have only used WD in all of my computers.
Seagate For laptop drives

Western Digital For Desktop drives
Between the 2, I Would say Seagate. Never had problems with them. Fujitsu makes AWESOME SAS/SCSI drives. Was not really a big fan of Hitachi till their 1TB drives came out, and that showed me that they have actually improved over the years. Most of the hard drives I have owned have been Maxtors, except for more recent purchases and they are great. And, I'll take a FreeAgent over a Mybook any day of the week.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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