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SeaSonic X750 Gold 750W Power Supply

The very first full modular multi-output ATX, high-wattage power supply that has ever obtained the 80PLUS Gold certification is introduced by Sea Sonic. This coveted power supply is named “X� and is offered in a 750 watt version to fulfill computer enthusiasts’ need for the ultimate power source. Featuring a pending design of “DC Connector Module with Integrated VRM�, the X Series is set to achieve both near-perfect DC to DC conversion and fully modularized design without compromising efficiency. There's finally a product that delivers the complete package: ultra-high efficiency, greatly improved dynamic response and customizable cable arrangement that is tailored to meet any individual’s needs. As a leading provider of silent power supplies, Sea Sonic delivers a true breakthrough solution for thermal and noise management. The X Series adopts a clever “Hybrid Silent Fan Control� design, which offers three distinct operation modes, fanless mode, silent mode, and cooling mode. The X automatically adjusts Fans: 1 Main Connector: 20+4Pin +12V Rails: Single PCI-Express Connector: 4 x 6+2-Pin SATA Power Connector: 8 Input Voltage: 100 - 240 V Input Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz Input Current: 10-5A

ManufacturerSeaSonic USA
Model NumberSS-750KM
ClassificationPower Supplies


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