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I've been having some trouble with a strange issue regarding my crossfire hd5850 setup. What happens is the following: sometimes, at seemingly random points in time when my PC is being used (not necessarily high-load situations, just seemingly random) the fan of my second (Sapphire, reference) hd5850 starts spinning at full speed and the card is not being detected anymore by my computer (and crossfire is disabled). I keep getting an image though after rebooting, as the image comes from my other card (Asus, reference).

Doing a reboot generally does not fix the issue. Instead, what often works is turning off the PSU for a couple of seconds and trying again (generally, it takes a couple of tries) or unplugging the card from the PSU and reconnecting it (generally, this takes a couple of tries as well).

I do not really have a clue what this issue could be about. Could it be the card? The PSU? Or perhaps the mobo? It does not happen all too often, so it is manageable, but it seems to be occurring a bit more often as of recently. Also, it recently happened when doing a cold boot as well, which made me worrying a bit more.

I hope you guys have got some ideas!
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