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Security site inaccessible

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I haven't been unable to access a few Security website, at the moment. It's mainly Safer-networking.org

I am able to access it through my iPhone Celluar network, but not on my home network.

I've checked the Host file, and restricted site list on IE, and Firefox.

I just can't figure out what's up. only noticed this problem this morning, when i was unable to update Spybot Search and Destroy. (i uninstalled it thinking it might be a program issues, that didn't work)

I have a log from hijack this, if needed. =/

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well, i dont know what i did...........but it's working now. it's a miracle!
OK, the problem is back ~ i couldn't ping the safer-networking.org
I dont get this. at moment it's working, but the next moment it isn't. =| what's going on?
Right Clip My computer go to Manage then Service and Applications then Services.

Then a big list will come up, make sure that DNS Client/ DHCP client are set to auto
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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