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Selling a really old computer, circa 2001. Worth it?

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Intel Celeron 1100 1.1ghz (or is it the 1100A, I'm not sure)
256MB SDRAM memory [though I might just be able to salvage more memory off another old computer and add it on]
SiS 630 highly-integrated chipset with:
Integrated graphics, 8MB but configurable up to 64MB - MPEG-2 decode compliant (can play DVDs with little CPU usage)
Integrated audio (supports 6-channel output, AC-97 support)
100MBit/s ethernet
Hard drive: 6GB (yes, sadly only 6GB; the reason I wanted to get a new PC (which is as of now, my old PC) some 4 years ago because a game I purchased would eat up more than 2GB of disk space!)
Optical drive: two CD drives; top is CD-RW, bottom is 40x CD-ROM, both work and can be replaced (with, say, a DVD drive if you want to watch DVDs on this); also comes with a classic Floppy drive
Motherboard: Unknown for now, but it does have AGP slots on it

Power supply: Unknown (it was replaced when I was a kid, I still remember my dad trying to figure out the red and yellow wires inside
) probably 300W?
Case: Unknown
Operating system: Windows XP Professional SP2(though I actually have a friend who owns the exact same PC, with its original Windows 98 copy
2 USB ports on the back for compatibility with flash drives and such

Yes, I know, it's a very very old and very very crappy computer. My family currently has it connected to the HDTV in our living room, and we use Windows Media player to watch video off a subscription service on it. I don't have a picture [or the time to take one] of this yet, but I will take one soon.
We're planning to replace this with a new small-form-factor Intel Atom/nVidia ION desktop that will not only play the same videos we already watch, but play 1080p which could be really useful if I add a slim form-factor Blu-Ray drive on there.

What I'm asking is, if I sell this [on eBay or another site], how much can I get from this old computer? My current estimate is around $200, though I'm not very sure on the pricing (esp. on very old computers).

-X D / Delta Productions
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You might get a few bucks on eBay, but if it were me, with a system that old, I'd probably take it to Goodwill or some local charity that refurbishes PCs to donate to schools, poor people, etc.
Sounds good, though... eh, my family can be really cheap sometimes >.>
Dude you won't get more than $50 or so from that thing. $100 max if you sell to someone who doesn't know any better, but it sounds like anyone could tell just by looking at it how old it is. I would donate it to the needy before selling it, unless you just REALLY need the $50.
Donate it to a poor family or something. That rig would be great for someone who doesn't even own a computer.

Originally Posted by kow_ciller View Post
Donate it to a poor family or something. That rig would be great for someone who doesn't even own a computer.
find a kid at a local school that needs one for typing up reports or researching
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I'd refurbish it my self first, mostly in the hard drive area. I have a 20gig HDD laying around here somewhere...

Also, if you have an old PCI or AGP video card laying around, that could improve performance for its future owner (if any).
I'd toss in some ram and maybe a HD if you're going to give it to a needy family.

Originally Posted by BenRK View Post
I'd refurbish it my self first, mostly in the hard drive area. I have a 20gig HDD laying around here somewhere...
Yeah, i'd probably do a little project with it. Mod the case some, try to get some nice airflow going on, overclock the processor to it's absolute max, maybe get an old AGP card and see what type of 3dMarks scores i could get just for fun.

Not sure what i'd do with it after that, but i always find a use.
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Don't donate it. Sell it.

I sold a crappy HP Pavilion from 2003, 512mb ram and Pentium 3, for $200.

You just gotta make ALOT of ads / day. (3 to 5)

Recommandation:Kijiji and Craigslist. You just don't want to look like a "too pusher" seller
Oh man, don't be that guy who rips people off on Craigslist.
Though my family has decided that we are donating it, I'm not sure if there's anything else I could add-on other than that RAM [now I wonder if I still have that old Windows 98 computer we never use lying around... >.> could donate that too, or scrap it and salvage parts lol]
Now that I think about it, that box might be able to run Google's Chrome OS. Building it and installing it is not for the faint of heart right now, though.
Craigslist. Nuff said. Sell it for $30-$50.
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