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Sempron 3400

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how is the Sempron 3400? Im going to upgrade to AM2 and I was thinking of getting it. sure its only 1.8GhZ, but think of the Overclocking it can do! low power, (I think its something like 62ish watts) low heat, (thx to the low L2 cache). how high do u think it can go with a (mostlikley) MSI NF4 mobo?

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It's a good CPU, you would be better off with the Orleans 3200+ overall but it's about 50% more in cost.
i was thinking of that but then i can only get 512 ram
So why an AM2 when you have a real sweet system now?
cus DDR2 is the shiznit now... and i want to get a Sempron X2 when they come out
AM2 isn't an upgrade from 939. DDR2 isn't that much better than DDR....and in most case's, its worse.
Yor current system is great, hang in there and save up for a bit longer. Hopefully the 65nu AM2s will OC better
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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