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I have taken a look at a few reviews and I am thinking about replacing my Vengeance H2100. My new Z370 Gaming 7 motherboard has "better on board sound", with a lot of stuff that seems like marketing gimmicks. Though I am not an expert so I can't say:

Realtek® ALC1220 codec
ESS9018Q2C chip
Support for Sound BlasterX 720°
High Definition Audio
Support for S/PDIF Out

AORUS AMP-UP Audio now offers ESS SABRE with a DAC that adopts the concept of a high-end audiophile sound system design into a micro system within the motherboard. It provides a pure yet powerful sound, resonating classical orchestral sounds or blasts in your virtual warzone.

121db Rear Panel audio

My current headset has two drivers and I was impressed by the virtual surround sound and it was a huge upgrade to the cheap headphones I use to buy and throw away after they fell apart. The mic is so much better than my old one, people mentioned how good they were, after I upgraded.

My question is with the new "better" onboard sound, can it handle a headset like the Sennheiser Gaming One? Also as these are analog 3.5mm 2.0, can software deliver the same or better virtual surround sound as my current headphones with the Sound BlasterX 720 or something like it?

I have no idea if this is more of a audiophile compromise or if it can deliver higher quality sound, while be an awesome gaming headset for FPS where footsteps matter?

Headphone range: 20-20,000hz
Noise Cancelling Mic
Impedance: 32ohm

Sennheiser Gaming One
Headphone range: 15-28,000hz
Noise Cancelling Mic
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