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Serious Connection Problem Help Please

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okay, it all started last night. A friend an I both bought garry's mod 10 and first, i tried to create a server(LAN) and use hamachi to connect, but, we ended up having my friend make the server.

So, at first i couldn't connect, then we found out that he had to change sv_lan 0 to sv_lan 1. so we did that. periodically, i would lag on his server. we played through the night without any major problems. So then today, we get on, he makes a server, and we play for a few hours, and then later i try to get on BF2, and i notice that i'm lagging out in EVERYTHING. my vent is lagged out(ping of like 14,000), xfire, i load webapages REALLY slow. so, i try rebooting, doesn't work. My dad comes up and says his is doing it too. Our computers are all on a router. We have RR cable 7mb i think., he tried resetting the router and stuff but it didn't work either. i've tried going into gmod and changing my settings for sv_lan and neither of the settings work. i've rebooted several times with no luck.

anyone know what might be wrong?
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I once had the same problem, what I ended up doing was just reinstalling windows
and it fixed the problem, probably not the best route but i have an external 500gb HDD here for backup so it was not a prob for me. You could also see if your ports somehow became closed, and release and renew your ip.
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