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Serious problem on AMD Athlon 2400+ OC

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I overclocked my buddies Athlon 2400+ about 25MHz and now when we start it the lights turn on and nothing else happens. It doesn't boot at all and we can't acces the BIOS. We reset the CMOS and it didn't make a difference. Does anyone have any ideas?

This MOBO: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...5074&Tpk=m848a

EDIT: Does anyone know where the CMOS jumper on this board is?
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Okay, I jumped out the CMOS. I got it to boot and post, but it said CMOS battery low and and that it needed to set up the CMOS. I hit f2 to make it set them to default. Then it didn't do anything again. I think I'm getting close?

EDIT: It said "CMOS Settings wrong" and "CMOS memory size wrong" when I restarted.
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