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Seriously, Where do you get case names from?

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I am wrecking my brains out for a decent case name...WHERE THE HECK DO YOU GET EM FROM GUYS?! Is there like a lil modders dream guide book to life, the universe and stuff that i've missed out on?
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I arrange my cereal boxes in front of me and wait for them to speak.

And when they dont, I just pick a name myself.

I find cases with overly serious "Case Names" rediculous. Be fun. Its just a computer case. Not a College Thesis Paper.
it just dawns on you ;D
It all depends; many of us come up with names that have some personal significance and/or are representative of the theme of the case.

For example, CattleRustler's Jessie's Gumdrop was a build for his daughter Jessie and the color being used was Gumdrop (by Krylon)
Bleh, I give up. I might try the cereal box idea later tho...sounds like a real winner
Or you could just relax and not bother so much on a name for a case.
That, halifax1, sounds like a better idea
LOL, now this a very interesting thread you have started to say the least. Just use your imagination, man! And don't forget to free your mind and names will simply come to you..

i got my from a friend, she came over for me to fix her lap top. she looked at my computer and asked if it was a space heater. i told her no it was my computer. the reason it was glowing red was due to the led fans and the red cathodes.
Take something you like to do and wofk off it for a name.

Tin knocker (metal working)
Caged and Confused (Roll Cage for a Hot Rod)
Driftin Away (Drift driving)

Just play with it
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I generally name cases that have some inherent meaning to me or is relevant to the case design.
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Originally Posted by Syrillian View Post


I generally name cases that have some inherent meaning to me or is relevant to the case design.
Agreed, myPhoenix case was named for the bird, which arises from itself. The case was a rebirth. My latest one Sanguineus is Latin for "Blood Ashes" because the theme will be a red, glowing forgery.

Just whatever you like! It doesn't have to be relevant.
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Song titles/Lyrics are always good

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I have tanks full of manatee and these idea balls....
Gonna have to ask the GF for a good name. This one is...temporary. She's good at naming stuff, so I'll see what comes of it one day
. Song lyrics/titles are a good idea (as mentioned). Speaking of which, i'll be changing mine from Moo...to:
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