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Firstly, I am posting this thread here because there is a bloody plethora of Windows oriented info out there and this has more to do with Linux, Java and gaming than with Minecraft alone. I may post a link in the Official Minecraft Thread.

Anyway I now have both a Minecraft server box and separate client box each running Slackware 13.37
It's actually pretty trivial to set the basics up so I won't mention those details here and anyone who needs specific help on that level can PM me. If you're running some other distro since Slack is so fundamental the only real difference is where you get your files, directly from MInecraft and modders or from some distro-specific repository.

Server - Mine is pretty ancient being an early Socket 370 board but has the advantage of supporting 6G of DDR RAM (and this board came out before even RAMBUS had it's brief moment in the Sun). This server sports the complete set of Bukkit MineCart Mania plugins which includes the ability to program railway intersections with in-game signs as scripts. For example a 4-Way intersection can be set to send carts with Iron Ore in them to one spur, and Gold Ore to another, or add a default route for a given player absent an override.

Fortunately the developer for MM prefers Linux so this is easy but if you need help and can't find it, I'm generally around and willing.

Client - If you see mods (and you will) that say they are Windows Only, I'm here to tell you they are not. Since Minecraft is in Java all the modders and patchers do is alter or recreate the main .jar file. Often it isn't too big a stretch to just do it manually and you don't even need an IDE like Netbeans since both Rar and 7-Zip are available in Linux.

However lets say you've seen the awesome Hi-Res Photo Realistic Mod like this


and read that MC Patcher is required and therefore is only available for Windows. Besides the possibility that Game Conqueror (a real work of art btw for more than just games) can be made to work, let's take the path of least resistance and use the doze tools but copy the resulting minecraft.jar from Windows' "Users/foo/.minecraft/bin" to "$HOME/.minecraft/bin". Also put the mod, in this case "LB_PhotoRealism-version.zip", in the "$HOME/.minecraft/rexturepacks" directory. KaBlammo! Done! and now you have 64x64, 128x128, or 256x256 resolution instead of 8x8!

Incidentally, this mod runs much more smoothly in Linux than it does in Windows on my box. This may be because I was a little too conservative with Java Heap size but I will verify or deny this today and report back. For now, It is smooth and flawless in Linux while jerky and buggy in Windows and that's fine with me because you know where I prefer to be!

Hope this helps and encourages. It's a great game and could possibly lead some into some programming.

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