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Set/limit CPU speed when a certain .exe is running? (WIN 8-64bit)

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Hello so my specs are as follows
Windows 8 64 bit and a gigabyte brix i3 which is
i3 3327u 1.9ghz
4gb ram
60gb ssd

I am mostly using this thing as my cable box (time warner) and when I do its bugging me that the cpu is clocking fluctuating up to the 1.9ghz (fan full speed which is annoying) when it doesn't need to be and the fan is running at full speed. I have Max CPU at 100% (Which I want when I am doing stuff other than watching tv) Min CPU = 5% and cooling policy = passive.

I am looking for a program that will limit the cpu to say 50% when silverlight.exe is running So far I have only found stuff for windows xp nothing for windows 8. Does anybody know of a program that will limit my cpu speed when it sees silverlight.exe running?

Thanks in advanced
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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