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Hi, I was looking how to permanently set process affinity, and have finally found a way and i'm glad to point out that it works, even on Vista! I am using it myself for gaming.


Download imagecfg.exe from here

on this site, there is enough instruction for you to follow, but for the lazy people, i will repeat this.

1. Download imagecfg.exe
2. Move it to %systemroot%\\system32 (example C:\\Windows\\system32)
3. Run CMD and type the following (example imagecfg -a 0x1 c:\\path\o\\file.exe)

4. Use the following commands to set the executable to your desired core/s

imagecfg -a 0x1 for CPU core 0

imagecfg -a 0x2 for CPU core 1

imagecfg -a 0x3 to reset to both cores

I hope this will help to solve problems
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