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Setting up a Proxy

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ok, so i just got a little server in dallas, i want to use it as a proxy for myself an possibly one or to others, ie spent the last hour or so bashing my head against a wall with squid, some quick information is ubuntu 10.04, shh only so no gui's or anything, i cant use em, i consider myself at a moderate level with this sort of thing, however networking is one of my major weak points, i would love for some input and help, what should i install, how do i configure it where do i put what, i will also point out i have access to ip tables and whatnot if that helps, i will also note i will be running a tf2 server beside this, however i have multiple dedicated IP's for my system

once i/we get this set up how do i go about using it? my main thing for this is security and us spoof browsing
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You can use squid over SSH for an encrypted browsing experience (from your house to VPS). This is also handy in hotels/etc as you will have an encrypted stream out of their network/unsecured-wifi.

1) Edit squid.conf to allow localhost to access all resources in the ACL
2) Port forward over SSH

As such:

Then, once you connect over SSH and authenticate, point your browser at proxy localhost with port 3128, you will be using the squid proxy over SSH.

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ok so edit squid.conf..... what would i put in there

something like this?
http_access allow local_net
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