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So my 24port 110 punchdown should be here tuesday so I am getting ready to move my cabinet down to my laundry room. I am thinking about using the front and back to mount stuff since my man cave is on the backside of the laundry with a little closet. So here is my rack. My thought was stick it about halfway into the laundry room and the other half under my stairs (closet for my man cave). I would like to get a rackmount case for my htpc and another shelve to put my receiver on. Would it be to much of an issue to have stuff on both sides of the rack?
On the Laundry side
Modem, switch, router, punch down, server, and all of my coax (in the future)
and on the other side my

I am not sure if that would mess up airflow to bad having stuff partially blocking both sides kind of staggered since it would make the air kind of zig zag around. I am going to start with the top of the rack open and if that doesn't work start adding 120mm or larger fans 2-3 probably on the top. Does anyone put fans close to the bottom for intakes or do the grates let enough air in?

My order bottom to top would be
ups x2
server (it is the longest) <-
receiver ->
DVR <-
htpc ->
router and modem <-
switch <-
patch panel <-
Sorry for such a long rambling point but I hope it makes sense to others.

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Laundry room? I'd personally not stick a rack in a laundry room, but that's me. Humidity & heat. Not to mention potential for flooding if the washer hose breaks

Otherwise, the rack order looks fine. As long as the rack isn't top heavy, and you can access the rear cables if necessary, you should be good to go
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