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Setting up a Wireless/Wired network

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Okay, I've tried in the past but cannot get file and printer sharing to work, never mind not being able to see others on the network. The network name is BURN, and all PCs are configured with File and Printer sharing. However, I get an error every time I try to see who else is on the network, saying that I don't have permission to access the network resources. What's up with this, and can I fix it?
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A helpful hint would be to check your firewall settings. Actually, the built in Windows Network Setup dealie is actually pretty good. I got my home network to work at my old house with printer sharing and all. Biggest problem would have to be setting up router and permissions. If all else fails, you could just turn off Nort Int Security every time you wish to share printers. I'd consider that a last resort. Im sure plenty of these guys here know alot more than me and could help you further. Theres my best shot! Haha.

p.s. Different OS's does make the process a tad more difficult.

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