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Hey guys,

Because I recently moved in a new house, I haven't had the time to set up my acces-point, I don't even know in what box it is.

Still, I need to transfer a couple of tenths of GB from one lappy to another. I have no crossover Ethernet cable, so I thought of making an Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi network.

What I did was to set up an XP Pro based lappy as host (has ICS enabled) folowing this guide. All went fine, I created the network and connected with the base lappy.

The second lappy (on which I wanna put the data) I have Win 2000 Pro with a Linksys Wi-Fi adapter. I've connected to the Ad-Hoc network, it says so on the taskbar icon.

The problem is I can't "see" the other rig, or the shared partition I want to copy. Each lappy "sees" its own share and seems to be connected to the network, but they can't see each other. Any advice on what to do to solve this?



P.S. They're on the same workgroup.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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