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3700x, 4x8GB 3200C16, x570 Aorus, RTX2070S, LG C1 | 3770x, 4x8GB 2400C12, z77-UD3H, GTX1070, VG248QE
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What resolution? I reckon if you're maxing at 1440p or 4k, thats pretty normal fps for a 1080 non-ti.

Are you aware of what is holding you back? Monitor your GPU/CPU usage in game. If its as I suspect, you're 99%'ing your 1080 then lower some superfluous settings like AA, AO, tessellation etc. (like you don't really need 8x msaa)

For GPU can't really eke out more than 2-2.1GHz stable without bios mods and good cooling. If its your cpu cores hitting 100% (individual, or all) then i'd suggest working your way up to 4.4-4.6GHz if you can. Your voltages look okay, might want to disable some of the auto OC stuff like asus multicore enhancement (idk what that even does). I would follow the Skylake clocking guide thats been floating around here.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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