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Look for these 2 settings in your BIOS:

1. SLI Broadcast Aperture- Disabled
2. 8-4-NC-8

The default setting for the second one is 16-1-1-2, so it needs to be changed. After that you will load the video driver twice and you should be all done.

Here, let me give you more detailed instructions:

First, restart your computer and enter Windows Safe Mode. Then uninstall the nVidia graphics driver. This can be done in Start->Settings->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs under "nVidia Drivers." Once the Forceware drivers have been uninstalled, restart your computer and enter the BIOS. You will need to go to Genie BIOS and change the PCI Express Configuration to 8-4-NC-8. Then go to Advanced Chipset Options and change the SLI Aperature to Enabled. Save and Exit BIOS, restart into Windows normally and reinstall the Forceware drivers. Once they have been installed and your computer restarted, right click on the desktop, go to Properties->Settings tab->Advanced button->GeForce 7800 tab->SLI multi-GPU in the expanded window and you should see the options Enable SLI multi-GPU and Show GPU load balancing. Check the SLI multi-GPU box and hit OK and you should be all set.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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