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Several questions about 4870X2 in crossfire

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Hey. Specs should be in sig, first post.

I wanna get 2 4870 X2s in crossfire and I got some concerns.

1. What kind of performance hit will the p45 board present? i.e 8x/8x pci-e slots, will it stutter/skip or just act as a framrate cap?

2. Will my ZM-1000-HP provide enough power for this system? It doesn't get very hot (heatpipes + good case + cool ambient

3. Can I mix the hardwire cables on the PSU with the modular cables on the one device? i.e a 8-pin hard with a six pin modular, for each card?

I play at 1920 x 1200

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First off, Welcome to OCN!
Its a great place.
Now to get to your question.

1. You will get a performance hit, but, it is pretty minimal. These card's capped at an x8 lan bus will just result in an fps drop. But, trust me it isn't too much to worry about.

2. That power supply should be perfectly fine. Although I would consider maybe getting a better named PSU for future proofness. (Corsair; PC P&C)

3. I dont see why this would be a problem, the cables should be putting out power and it shouldn't matter if its a modular cable or not. You should be fine.

You should be maxing out games at 1920x1200 with exceptional framerates.

Hope this helps.
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