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[Shacknews] Cancelled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Sequel Revealed by Design Documen

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A cancelled sequel to Black Isle's Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel has been revealed by a leak of the game's original design document.

The original Brotherhood of Steel was released in January of 2004 on Xbox and PlayStation 2. An action-oriented take on the traditional RPG Fallout, Brotherhood of Steel earned mixed reviews, with many criticizing its linear design and repetitive hack-and-slash gameplay.
The PlayStation 2-exclusive sequel, merely named Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2, was targeted for a fourth quarter release in 2004. According to the document, the game would have been a return to form for Black Isle, with a quest and character structure that would have more closely matched the first PC Fallout titles.

New stealth and reputation systems would have marked the major features, while a planned "Fat Boy" portable nuke should sound familiar to Fallout 3 fans.

Originally uncovered by a Game of the Art forum member, you can now grab the fascinating document from FileShack

download links at source.

hopefully Bethesda can take this up?
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Oh man, Bethesda please do!
It'd be interesting to see what Bethesda could do with this. Maybe something different than Fallout 3's engine though, like going back to an isometric view.

At first I had Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel stuck in my mind, got kinda excited.
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