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Hello all.

I have been using my gtx480 for several years now and it has been holding up wonderfully for the wide mixture of stuff I need to do; however, recently I have been getting into quite large and complex Solidworks assemblies. Thousands of parts, complex geometries, total assemblies taking anywhere from 10 to 15Gb. My poor gtx480 cannot handle this. The specific problem I'm experiencing is points being displayed in one spot, but the actual handle you select being many pixels away in random places.

So that said, I need a workstation card but I don't want to give up my gaming (SC2, Portal2,Skyrim, and Witcher2). Does anyone have experience using a 7970 for Solidworks. If you do, how complex were your models and how did it handle it? Right now I could spring for a W7000 or pick up a R7970 Lightning and water block. If all I did on this computer was work, I'd buy the W7000 in a heartbeat. This is my home computer though, and I game on it as well as work on the occasional project that needed to be brought home.

Thanks for any help!
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