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Sharing Between 2 Computers on Wireless Network

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Hey guys,

So, I have a laptop that I bring and use a lot at work, or when I am out on vacation or doing whatever now. Turns out I can get a lot done when I am out and about. Instead of having to dump everything onto my external drive and then connect it to my desktop to bring new files over, I want to be able to just straight up share a specific folder from the laptop with ONLY my desktop over a wireless network.

Can I get a little assistance on doing this?

I have a wireless router (Netgear N150 series), a laptop, and a desktop. Desktop is connected directly to router, laptop connects wirelessly. I want to share a specific folder from my laptop and be able to drop files into it and pull it up on my desktop to grab those files and sort it out into folders on my desktop... all without letting other people on the network access my files.

Both computers run Windows 7.

There seem to be a lot of guides when searching Google but they kind of make things seem complicated. Maybe there's a piece of software that will help me do this or, can someone give a straightforward guide to doing this?
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I remember doing this for my wireless network to transfer videos from one laptop to another... one had XP and other win7.. man my router was dying lol. Its a WRT54G and I guess couldnt handle the transfer load, because my internet connection start to slow down to a crawl during transfers. I had to reset my router couple times.
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